Turn Trash into Art Installation project is completed on May 19th

 Art4Earth and International Youth Rotary co-organized a Beach Clean-up project for a better aquatic environment.


Beach clean-up is coming on May 19th, 2024!

The Art for Earth Youth Club is holding a “Blue Awakening” Art Exhibition for World Earth Week! Join us at the Dunbar community center on April 27th, where you will find beautiful selected artworks created by the eco-concious and talented youth in our club. These artworks have been created by the youth to express their concerns about our current environmental crisis through art. There will be (subject to change) milk tea and cookies available, and all money generated by the event will go towards Ocean Wise’s adopt a whale program, so make sure to come!

/     Opening: 10am-12pm, April 27th, 2024
/     Exhibition: April 27th to May 11th, 2024
/     Location: Dunbar Community Center (4747 Dunbar St. Vancouver, BC V6S 2H2)

Blue Awakening Art Exhibition

We are cordially welcoming you to come and visit our Blue Awakening Youth Art Exhibition on April 17th at Dunbar Community Center and join our advocacy initiative of marine conservation and climate action through creative arts.  

Join In The Exhibition

Enjoy art exhibitions, free art classes, face painting, youth club interaction and fundraising activities organized by the youth.

Empower Youth

Collaboratively create a mural artwork for the community to generate greater awareness of ocean protection.


Adopt a Killer Whale

Donate to symbolically adopt a wild killer whale which will connect you with one of the amazing marine animals.

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Popular Artworks

The selected artworks by the eco-conscious art talented youth to express their concerns about the environmental crisis and advocate for climate actions.

Art for Earth Youth Club

Empowering eco-conscious high school artists in Vancouver. United for climate action advocacy through creative arts. 

Free art classes   |  Art field trips |   Art exhibitions  | Climate change forums  | Ecological art conversation

The Art for Earth Environmental Art Youth Club is an international youth philanthropic club initiated and organized by a group of environmentally conscious high school art students in Vancouver under the supervision of Global Youth Philanthropy. The club adopts a “Big and Little Brothers” approach to engage in collaborative art creation and environmental activities. It emphasizes the holistic development of young people in areas such as environmental knowledge, art creation and curation, art event organization, communication skills and leadership. The club is dedicated to arousing the attention and contemplation of young people towards the crisis and challenges of climate change. Through creative art, it encourages youth to actively engage in actions addressing climate change challenges, contributing to a greener Earth and a more beautiful home and community.

Global Youth Philanthropy (GYP) is a non-profit organization registered in Massachusetts and California in the United States, Toronto in Canada, and Shanghai in China. It was founded by compassionate individuals dedicated to philanthropy and education worldwide. GYP is committed to creating a platform for global youth to engage in philanthropic innovation. We provide guidance and resources for various philanthropic initiatives and social activities. Our goal is to discover and support excellent youth-led philanthropic projects, assist individuals and groups in need, cultivate young leaders with critical thinking, an action-oriented mindset, and a sense of social responsibility. Additionally, we strive to promote cross-cultural exchanges among international youth. Through the youth as a bridge, we aim to connect China with the world and contribute to a more beautiful common future!

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