Art for Earth Environmental Art Youth Club

Empowering eco-conscious youth artists. United for climate action advocacy.   

Free art classes

In class or online weekly
Taught by senior high school students
Art skill enhancement

Art Field Trips

Outdoor trips quarterly
Live drawing in an emerging environment
Guided by professional artists

Do You Own Art Exhibition

Hosted by the club students
Present their creative artworks
Bring impacts to the local community

Global Ecological Forum

.United Nations Conferences
COP 29, LCOY, 2024 Ocean Decade Conference, UN Biodiversity Conference
Youth forum + art exhibition

Community Matters

Collaborative Mural Artwork Project on the Ocean Conservation

Our club is currently working on a collaborative mural artwork project focused on ocean conservation with a purpose to generate more attention, and concern on the ocean crisis through the creative painting by the students while calling for more immediate climate actions from the community. The big art piece will be donated to Dunbar Community Center who is the sponsor of Blue Awakening Youth Art Exhibition this Spring and be showcased to the public in the community.  

Who is Art for Earth Youth Club

The Art for Earth Environmental Art Youth Club is an international youth philanthropic club initiated and organized by a group of environmentally conscious high school art students in Vancouver under the supervision of Global Youth Philanthropy. The club adopts a “Big and Little Brothers” approach to engage in collaborative art creation and environmental activities. It emphasizes the holistic development of young people in areas such as environmental knowledge, art creation and curation, art event organization, communication skills and leadership. The club is dedicated to arousing the attention and contemplation of young people towards the crisis and challenges of climate change. Through creative art, it encourages youth to actively engage in actions addressing climate change challenges, contributing to a greener Earth and a more beautiful home and community.

Our mission

Empowering eco-conscious high school artists in Vancouver. United for climate action advocacy through creative arts. 

Our vision

Unleashing the creativity and courage of young artists to embrace a greener and bluer planet

Call to action

Join us as a young artist to care, craft, and create for the advocacy of climate action. 

Meet Our Club Members

Meet Our Team Leaders

Anny Chen (President)

UHill Secondary School G12 ED New York University

Katie Guo portrait
Katie Guo (Executive)

Lord Byng Secondary School, G9

Gabrielle Yang (Executive)

Lord Byng Secondary School, G10

Alice Wang
Alice Wang (Exeuctive)

Lord Byng Secondary School, G9

Global Youth

Building global competence of youth

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Empowering philanthropic innovation of global youth

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Newsletter Updates

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