Blue Awakening – The World Earth Week Youth Art Exhibition is open now!

Blue Awakening - The World Earth Week Youth Art Exhibition was opened on April 27th in Vancouver

The Art for Earth Environmental Youth Art Club hosted the “Blue Awakening – The World Earth Week Youth Art Exhibition” on Saturday, April 27th, showcasing the artistic talents of young artists while advocating for ocean conservation awareness and action. The exhibition, held at Dunbar Community Center, featured a wide array of artworks including dioramas, paintings, pencil art, mixed media, photography and video media which are all focused on the theme of ocean conservation. The pieces were created by members of the Art for Earth Environmental Art Youth Club, an international youth club dedicated to promoting environmental awareness through art. Katie and Gabrielle, the club leaders, kicked off the event with opening remarks, expressing their excitement for the exhibition and emphasizing the importance of protecting our oceans. They highlighted the club’s efforts in organizing art classes, field trips, and global ecological forums to raise awareness about environmental issues. The exhibition also welcomed several distinguished guests, including Mr. Jon Hartley-Folz, Byng Arts Coordinator of Lord Byng Secondary School; Ms. Manna Liu, Executive Director of Global Youth Philanthropy Canada; Mr. Aaron Friend Lettner, Dunbar Community Center’s artist in communities; and Ms. Brittany MacLean, Manager of the youth to sea program from ocean wise. These guests acknowledged the young artists for their dedication and creativity in advocating for ocean conservation.


The club also launched a fundraising campaign at the art exhibition to support the “Adopt a Killer Whale” program operated by Ocean Wise and called for donation on the ground and online which is meaningful in helping to protect marine life and preserve our precious oceans. Three Chinese artists whose names are Frank Luo, Wenli Yang&Roy Hoh, and Mona Jin who generously donated their valuable artworks to support this program and other future planet conservation projects of Art for Earth Youth Club as well as some young artists also participated in the donation efforts.


The Canada Climate Action Youth Alliance was founded by 10 youth clubs with hope to work hand in hand towards a sustainable environment and vibrant future. 


In addition to the artworks on display, the exhibition also featured interactive activities including free art class, face painting, book making art, and fundraising selling to engage visitors and further raise awareness about ocean conservation issues. The “Blue Awakening – The World Earth Week Youth Art Exhibition” was a resounding success, drawing attention to the importance of environmental conservation and inspiring others to take action to protect our planet’s oceans.