Lord Byng Sedonary Winter Fair

With the arrival of Christmas, Lord Byng Secondary School in Vancouver held its first “Lord Byng Winter Fair.” At the invitation of the school’s Parent Advisory Council, students from our art club quickly prepared promotional banners for the school and actively participated in decorating the fair venue.

Meanwhile, parents and children donated numerous artworks, decorations, school supplies, and daily necessities. On December 14th, the club participated in the school fair, showcasing a wide array of items on two tables that attracted many visitors and buyers. Through the efforts of several volunteer parents and children, some funds were raised. These funds were then donated to Lord Byng Secondary School and the Environmental Art Youth Club, supporting extracurricular projects at the school and the club’s daily operations.

This event demonstrated the philanthropic purpose of the Environmental Art Youth Club and fostered awareness and abilities among the children to engage in charitable activities.

Moreover, these activities enable students to understand the adverse impacts of climate change on our communities, such as those in British Columbia’s Vancouver, and to express their concerns about climate challenges through outdoor sketching. By creating artistic works, they aim to encourage more people to engage in actions to address climate change.